Papenoo River

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Papenoo River
Country French Polynesia
Physical characteristics
Main source Center of Tahiti
300 ft (91 m)
River mouth Northern Tahiti
2 ft (0.61 m)
Length 20 mi (32 km)

The Papenoo River is a river of French Polynesia. It is located on the island of Tahiti, where the river first becomes a river in the mountains of Tahiti east of the town cener of Papeete and ends on the coast of Tahiti near Papeeno. The river is about 20 miles long and is about 10 feet wide at the mouth. All the water ends in the Pacific Ocean. The river forms as a little trickle from the little snow melt of Mont Orohena in the center of Tahiti and flows northward toward Arue. As it flows north, it collects more and more snow melt. Eventually, it becomes a 10 foot wide river 12 miles south of the ocean. The small roads of the mountains of Tahiti form bridges over the river. Once it reaches the Tahiti Freeway, it becomes a 20 foot wide river. The river mouth is close to Arue. The river makes 70 bridges of the small roads of Tahiti. The river also makes a mouth at the Pacific Ocean. The river's highest elevation is 4,000 feet in the mountains of Tahiti. The lowest elevation is 2 feet once the Papenoo River meets the Pacific Ocean.

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