San Giacomo Pass

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San Giacomo
Passo San Giacomo 2008 035-2.jpg
San Giacomo Pass (center) from the northern side
Elevation 2,313 m (7,589 ft)[1]
Traversed by Trail
Location Piedmont, Italy
Ticino, Switzerland
Range Lepontine Alps
Coordinates 46°27′33″N 8°27′09″E / 46.45917°N 8.45250°E / 46.45917; 8.45250Coordinates: 46°27′33″N 8°27′09″E / 46.45917°N 8.45250°E / 46.45917; 8.45250
San Giacomo is located in Alps
San Giacomo
Location in the Alps

The San Giacomo Pass (Italian: Passo San Giacomo) is an Alpine pass connecting Switzerland and Italy. It connects Bedretto on its northern side (valley of Leventina) to Formazza on its southern side.

The pass is located between the Grieshorn (west) and the Marchhorn (east).


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