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Paul Williams is an English composer and pianist.

Paul Williams


Paul Williams (aka Terry Day) studied at the Royal College of Music before going on to read Music at Cambridge University, where he gained an M.A. While still at Jesus College, he teamed up with Roger Wornell, and under the pen names of Paul de Schroder and Lee Lenrow, they found a local rock and roll group called "The Phantoms",[1] write songs for them, and arranged to be "discovered" by Pallette records.Their first record, "Phantom Guitar" and "Cachina" is now recognised as a classic of its genre. He has been composing since the age of eight and plays a variety of keyboard instruments. Williams has also worked as a session musician with numerous bands and orchestras, and has more recently worked with Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music fame.

Williams also composes for major international publishing companies, including Carlin Music, Sound Stage, Parry Music and Zomba Production Music with over 1300 titles published. His compositions range from the horrifying, through the romantic, into high-tech. Paul has also worked at BBC Radios 1 & 2 with many major production credits.

Currently living in Cheam, Surrey, near London, Paul spends the majority of his time composing and recording.

Major Credits (Film/TV)[edit]

  • "Crocodile" Dundee (1986) - Love Theme
  • Neighbours (Grundy TV Australia) - Incidental Music Underscores
  • Father Christmas Letters - Film Score
  • Everybody Wins (Karel Reisz) - Incidental Music
  • A Country Practice (Australian TV) - Incidental Music
  • House of Gristle (BBC 1 TV Series) - Theme & Incidental Music
  • Out of this World (BBC 1 TV Documentary) - Theme & Incidental Music
  • Natural Neighbours (BBC 1 TV) - Incidental Music
  • My Good friend (Hartswood films) - Incidental Music
  • ‘Mysteries’ with Carol Vorderman BBC TV 1997 & 1998 - Main Theme & Incidental Music
  • Growing Places Series (BBC TV, 1998 — 26 parts) - Main Theme & Incidental Music
  • Deep Impact (1998) - incidental music
  • Butterfly Legend 1999, Hollywood - Songs & incidental music

Major Credits (Commercials)[edit]

  • Flash Cascade
  • Heineken
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • ICI
  • National Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Suchard
  • Tetley Tea
  • TSB
  • Uncle Ben's Rice
  • Brittany Ferries
  • Lunn Poly
  • SonyEricsson


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