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Pay By Touch was a company founded by John P Rogers.[1] It was a privately held company which enabled consumers to pay for goods and services with a swipe of their finger on a biometric sensor. It allowed secure access to checking, credit card, loyalty, healthcare, and other personal information, through the unique characteristics of an individual's biometric features, thereby creating a highly secure anti-identity theft platform.

The company had over 800 employees and provided retailers with products in biometric financial transactions, biometric age verification, loyalty and personalized marketing, and payment processing. On March 19, 2008, without notifying its customers, Pay By Touch shut down and is no longer in operation. A group of investors later sued financial services firm UBS, alleging that they had encouraged clients to invest in Pay By Touch without revealing information about the criminal history of the company's founder.[2][3]

All check cashing assets were acquired in 2008 by Phoenix Check Cashing, Inc.[4] In 2009, Phoenix Check Cashing changed its dba name from BioPay Paycheck Secure to AllTrust Networks.

Much of the assets of Pay By Touch are now owned by YOU Technology.

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