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Peak Corporate Network is an American group of related real estate entities (the first of which was Peak Financial Partners, Inc. established in 1991) offering a variety of residential and commercial real estate services nationwide.[1] It is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, with three offices in California and one each in Texas and Georgia.[2]


Company principals and formation[edit]

Begun by Los Angeles businessmen Eli Tene and co-founder and real estate investor Gil Priel in 1991, Peak Financial Partners, Inc. originally concentrated on short sale transactions and other areas of debt restructuring of real estate assets and short-term financing.[3]

The two men met after developing individual areas of specialization in the real estate field. After studies at California State University – Northridge, Tene initially focused on the area of residential and commercial short sale transactions. Priel began his involvement in the real estate industry with the private equity acquisition and management of several office buildings in the Los Angeles area, growing it into a sizable mixed real estate portfolio over many states. Through a real estate transaction in 1990, Priel met Tene, and one year later, they formed Peak Financial Partners, Inc.[4]

Expansion of Services[edit]

Over the twenty years which followed, the organization’s real estate offerings were expanded through the formation and acquisition of eleven separate entities together providing a wider array of residential and commercial real estate services for a varied clientele from home owners and home buyers through investors, lenders, servicers, agents and brokers. During the same period the partners developed new solutions to problems in the real estate business.[5][6] In 2011 the separate entities were re-branded the “Peak Corporate Network,” representing a group of related separate legal entities, each providing its unique set of real estate services.[7] In 2015, the Network established both residential and commercial real estate franchises under the CENTURY 21 brand, quickly acquiring additional real estate offices to increase its Southern California footprint.[8] As the two principals of a company making innovations in different areas of real estate, Messrs. Tene and Priel have been called upon to share their insights and commentary at conferences and as authors or the subject of articles in the print and broadcast media.[1][5][6][9][10] [11] In addition, Priel is the author of a monthly newsletter, “Priel’s Perspective.”[12]

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