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Peche may refer to :


  • Peche Island, an uninhabited Canadian-owned river island, located at the northern end of the Detroit River
  • Peche River, a river located in Afghanistan

People :

  • Robert Peche, a medieval Bishop of Coventry from 1121 to 1128
  • Richard Peche, a medieval Bishop of Coventry, probably the son of Robert Peche
  • John Peche, a Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports from 1323 to 1325

Pêche (French word for fishing or peach) may refer to :

  • La Pêche, Quebec, a municipality along both sides of the Gatineau River Canada
  • La Pêche River, a river in western Quebec which flows from La Pêche Lake (Lac La Pêche) in Gatineau Park

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