Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo, 13th Marquis of Villafranca

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Portrait of the Marquis of Villafranca by Moritz Michael Daffinger.

Pedro de Alcántara Álvarez de Toledo y Palafox, 13th Marquis of Villafranca(11 May 1803—10 January 1867) was Spanish Minister of Naval affairs, mid-19th century, reign of Isabella II of Spain counting amongst other political achievements the construction and launch in the Royal Dockyards of Ferrol, of Spain's first steam propelled ship in 1858. The ship was named after the Spanish monarch (i.e.: Isabel II). Medina Sidonia was succeeded by his son José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo, 18th Duke of Medina Sidonia

Spanish nobility
Preceded by
Francisco de Borja Álvarez de Toledo
Marquis of Villafranca
Succeeded by
José Joaquín Álvarez de Toledo
Duke of Medina Sidonia