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P&M Aviation
Private company
Industry Aerospace
Founded 2003
Founder Keith Duckworth
Headquarters Rochdale and Marlborough, United Kingdom
Products Ultralight trikes
Website www.pmaviation.co.uk

P&M Aviation is a British aircraft manufacturer, specializing in ultralight trikes. The company was formed in 2003 by Keith Duckworth's purchase of two rival British trike manufacturers, Pegasus Aviation and Mainair Sports, hence the name of the new company.[1][2][3]

P&M has retained both the former Mainair factory at Rochdale and the Pegasus plant at Manton near Marlborough, Wiltshire, the former carrying out production and the latter research and development.[2][3]

Solar Wings[edit]

Solar Wings division logo, 2001

Solar Wings was the hang glider division of Pegasus Aviation prior to its merger with Mainair. After the merger, Solar Wings gliders were produced in the new combined production facility for a short time. The division produced a wide range of hang gliders from 1980 until it was wound up some time after 2002. Gliders produced include the Solar Wings Breeze and the Solar Wings Scandal series.[2][4][5]


P&M Aviation Pegasus Quik microlight at Cotswold Airport, England, 2016
Summary of aircraft built by P&M and its predecessors
Model name First flight Number built Type
Ace Aviation Magic Laser ultralight trike
Mainair Blade 60 (February 2000)[6] ultralight trike
Mainair Rapier 60 (February 2000)[6] ultralight trike
P&M GT450 ultralight trike
Pegasus Quantum 1996 over 600[7] ultralight trike
Pegasus Quik ultralight trike
Pegasus Booster powered hang glider
Solar Wings Ace hang glider
Solar Wings Breeze hang glider
Solar Wings Fever hang glider
Solar Wings Rumour hang glider
Solar Wings Rush hang glider
Solar Wings Scandal hang glider
Solar Wings Storm hang glider
Solar Wings Typhoon hang glider
Solar Wings Whisper hang glider


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