Pentti Eskola

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Pentti Eskola
Born 1883
Died 1964
Residence Finland
Citizenship Finland
Nationality Finnish
Fields Petrology
Alma mater University of Helsinki
Known for Metamorphic facies
Influenced Akiho Miyashiro
Notable awards Penrose Medal (1951)
Vetlesen Prize (1964)
Wollaston Medal (1958)

Pentti Eelis Eskola (1883–1964) was a Finnish geologist who developed the concept of metamorphic facies. He won the Wollaston Medal in 1958, the Vetlesen Prize in 1964, and was given a state funeral upon his death.[1] The mineral eskolaite is named in his honor.

Eskola was a student of Wilhelm Ramsay.[2]


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