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Percy Bolingbroke St John (1821 – 1889) was an English journalist.

Percy Bolingbroke St John


The eldest son of James Augustus St John, he was born in Camden Town. He accompanied his father on some of his travels, particularly to Madrid for research, and he also travelled in America.[1]

In 1846 St John edited the Mirror of Literature, and in 1861 the London Herald. As correspondent to various newspapers, his miscellaneous contributions to the press were numerous; and he was also a frequent contributor of papers to Chambers's Journal and other magazines.[1]

St John died in London on 15 March 1889.[1]


St John began to write tales when still young, and translated about thirty of Gustave Aimard's Indian tales into English. His translations appeared between 1876 and 1879. His original works included:[1]

  • Young Naturalist's Book of Birds, London, 1838.
  • Trapper's Bride; and Indian Tales, London, 1845; several subsequent editions.
  • French revolution in 1848: The three days of February, 1848; with sketches of Lamartine, Guizot, etc., 1848.
  • Paul Peabody, London, 1853 (incomplete); another edit. London, 1865.
  • Our Holiday: a Week in Paris, London, 1854.
  • Lobster Salad (with Edward Copping), London, 1855.
  • Quadroona, or the Slave Mother, London, 1861.
  • The Red Queen, London, 1863.
  • Snow Ship (adventures of Canadian emigrants), London, 1867; various editions subsequently.
  • The Young Buccaneer, London, 1873.
  • The North Pole (a narrative of Arctic explorations), London, 1875.
  • Polar Crusoes, London, 1876.
  • The Sailor Crusoe, London, 1876.

He wrote a Dick Turpin novel, The Blue Dwarf (1869), and a serial under the same title in 1874–5.[2][3]


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