Peter of Mount Athos

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Onuphrius, Macarius of Egypt, and Peter of Athos

Saint Peter of Mount Athos is reputed to have been the first hermit to settle upon the 'Holy Mountain' circa the 8th century. Peter is known to history primarily through unattributable legend. It is recorded that Peter was once a soldier who, through the miraculous aid of St. Nicholas and St. Simeon the Righteous, was freed from a Muslim military prison.

From prison St. Peter traveled to Rome to fulfill a promise to God that he would take the monastic habit. It is held that Peter received his habit from the Pope himself who also formed the saint in monastic discipline.

Receiving a vision of the Blessed Virgin and Theotokos Mary, Peter travelled to Mt. Athos and there lived for some fifty years.

Saint Peter of Mount Athos is commemorated 12 June[1] in Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic and Roman Catholic Churches.

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