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Physics was an instrumental band from San Diego, California, USA started by John D. Goff and Denver Lucas in late 1993 out of the ashes of Johnny Superbad & the Bulletcatchers and closely involved with Crash Worship. Featuring a rotating cast of musicians from the San Diego experimental underground but mainly composed of Denver Lucas on drums, Jfre Coad on synths, John Goff, Will Goff, Jason Soares, Rob Crow, and Travis Nelson on guitars. Also Ryan Jencks on guitar/violin/visuals, and Matt Lorenz on live film collage/projections. This early incarnation came to be known as the "Black Period". Mainly inspired by theories in quantum theory and Eastern Mysticism, Physics was musically influenced by Krautrock, Minimalism, early Doom/Drone and Electronic Kosmische, though were often associated with the Math Rock genre. After the untimely death of Denver Lucas in the mid 90s, the Physics personnel underwent numerous changes until resulting in Cameron Jones on drums which was later known as the "Gray Period" then ultimately the "White Period". [1]

After Physics dissolved in 2000, Jason Soares and Jeff Coad went on to form the more electronic-based Aspects Of Physics also with Matt Lorenz. Will and John Goff went on to form the electronic band SSI. Rob Crow started Pinback (co-led by Zach Smith from Three Mile Pilot) and Ryan Jencks continued playing with Crash Worship. [2]

In 2015 coinciding with the release of the documentary "It's Gonna Blow!!! San Diego's Music Underground 1986-1996", Physics reformed in select cities including Portland and Los Angeles for the film premiere featuring John, Jason, Rob on guitars, Will, Jfre, on synths and Cameron on drums.


  • Black 7", (Dagon Productions), 1994
  • Physics 1, (Flapping Jet), 1997
  • Physics 2, (Gravity), 1998
  • 1999-11-21,(Neurot Recordings), 1999
  • Live: 2.7.98 (EP), (Gold Standard Laboratories), 2000


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