Pi Mu Honor Society

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Pi Mu Honor Society
Founded December 13, 1892
University of Virginia
Type Honor Society
Motto Semper Ad Honorem
Publication The Journal
Headquarters 2039 Ridgeview Drive
Floyds Knobs, Indiana

Pi Mu, (ΠΜ), was founded on December 13, 1892 at the University of Virginia by John W. Mallet, Hugh I. Cummings, Powell C. Fauntleroy, Hugh T. McGuire, E. L. Hobson, Nicholas Wothington, Rawley Penick, Charles E. Marrow, James S. Irving, Rawley Martin and Hugh H. Duke. Dr. Mallet designed the name and motto.[1]

In November 1921, Dave F. Dozier, Pi Delta Phi '26, of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity and J. P. Williams of Pi Mu jointly instituted unofficial negotiations for a merger of Pi Mu and Phi Chi. This conference culminated in an agreement of merger signed October 7, 1922, in Richmond, Virginia, by Albert F. Saunders for Phi Chi and J. Blair Fitts for Pi Mu. Also participating in the arrangements of merger were Dave F. Dozier, Pi Delta Phi, and William I. Owens, Theta Eta, for Phi Chi and J. P. Williams of Pi Mu. Under the arrangements of merger, the Beta and Gamma of Pi Mu members were initiated into Theta Eta of Phi Chi and Alpha of Pi Mu was installed as Pi Mu (Chapter) of Phi Chi, October 14, 1922. The alumni of Pi Mu became associate members of Pi Mu of Phi Chi: they were obligated to become life subscribers to the Phi Chi QUARTERLY and membership cards of Phi Chi were issued to those who so subscribed; the associate members were granted the right to wear the badge of Phi Chi although the Pi Mu official badge was to remain "official" for all Pi Mu alumni graduating prior to July 1, 1922. The Pi Mu badge was a Greek cross with skull and bones at the center. The skull was set with emerald eyes and the letters "ΠΜ" displayed on the horizontal arm of the cross.[2]

Through this amalgamation Phi Chi received from Pi Mu all her interests and was free to accept any part of the ritual and constitution. Phi Chi also agreed to sponsor the Pi Mu honor system. Through this merger Phi Chi attained a chapter roll of 51 and a membership of 12,180.[2]

The ΠΜ fraternity consisted of the following chapters before merging with ΦΧ:[1]

Chapter Location Dates
Α University of Virginia 1892–1904; 1908-1922 Became ΠΜ of Phi Chi[2]
Β Medical College of Virginia 1893–1896 Joined ΒΓ in 1896
Γ University College of Medicine 1896 Joined ΒΓ in 1896
ΒΓ University College of Medicine 1896–1922 Joined ΘΗ of Phi Chi[2]
Δ Louisville Medical College 1904-1907 Joined ΔΗ in 1907
Ε University of Louisville 1904-1907 Joined ΕΖ in 1907
Ζ University of Kentucky 1905-1907 Joined ΕΖ in 1907
Η Hospital College of Louisville 1907 Joined ΔΗ in 1907
ΔΗ Louisville Medical College 1907-1908 Joined ΔΕ in 1908
ΕΖ University of Louisville 1907-1908 Joined ΔΕ in 1908
ΔΕ University of Louisville 1908–1922 Joined ΑΑ of Phi Chi[2]
Θ Jefferson Medical College 1908–1915
Ι Medical College of South Carolina 1908–1914
Κ University of Tennessee 1908–1922 Joined ΑΒ of Phi Chi[2]
Λ Vanderbilt University 1910–1922 Joined Π of Phi Chi[2]
Μ Johns Hopkins University 1910–1922 Joined ΚΔ of Phi Chi[2]
Ν Columbia University 1913–1922 Joined ΥΣ of Phi Chi[2]

The Journal- annual publication begun in 1908[1]

The crest of Pi Mu: a caduceus at the top of a shield with the Latin phrase "Semper Ad Honorem." and the Greek letters beneath.[1]

The design of the Phi Chi pledge button was changed at the time of the Pi Mu merger in 1922 to honor the Pi Mu honor system. The badge of Pi Mu, a Greek cross carrying the skull and crossbones in addition to the Greek letters ΠΜ, by agreement became Phi Chi's pledge button with the substitution of a caduceus and the letters ΦΧ in silver on a field of green.[2]


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