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Not to be confused with the Brazilian state of Piauí.
Editor João Moreira Salles
Categories culture magazine
Frequency monthly
Circulation 60,000
Publisher Editora Alvinegra
First issue October 2006
Country Brazil
Based in Rio de Janeiro
Language Portuguese
Website http://www.revistapiaui.com.br

piauí is a Brazilian culture magazine, created by the documentarian João Moreira Salles. It is edited by Editora Alvinegra and printed and distributed by Editora Abril. The first edition of piauí was launched in October 2006.

Piauí is also the name of a Brazilian state in the northeastern part of the country.

These are the main sections in piauí nowadays:

  • Chegada (Arrival)
  • Colaboradores (Collaborators)
  • Esquina (Corner)
  • Diário (Journal)
  • Poesia (Poetry)
  • Cartas (Letters)
  • Perfil (Profile)
  • Quadrinhos (Comics)
  • Ficção (Fiction)
  • Concurso (Literary contest)
  • Tipos brasileiros (Brazilian characters)
  • Despedida (Farewell)

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