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Istorifik: Pidol's Kuwentong Fantastik
Created by Associated Broadcasting Company
Written by Elmer L. Gatchalian
Directed by Enrico S. Quizon
Starring Dolphy
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 128
Executive producer(s) Shirley J. Fabella
Jenielle Enojo-Mauricio
Running time 1 hour
Original network TV5
Picture format NTSC 480i
Original release April 4, 2010 – January 20, 2013 (as Pidol's Wonderland)
January 27, 2013 - September 8, 2013 (as Istoripik: Kwentong Pidol's Fantastik)
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Istorifik: Pidol's Kuwentong Fantastik (formerly known as Pidol's Wonderland) was a weekly fantasy, comedy series in which it delivers a collection of wonderful stories for the whole family as told by Dolphy as the funny and endearing Mang Pidol. It airs on TV5 every Sundays at 6:30 PM.[1]

Pidol’s Wonderland dramatizes, adapts, and retells well-loved folk tales and legends, as well as original tall tales and fantasy stories that are perfect for the kids as well as for the whole family.[2]

Due to the untimely hospital confinement of Dolphy in 2011, until his death in 2012, Pidol's Wonderland was reformatted as a Fantasy Anthology.


A curio shop owner in downtown Manila, Mang Pidol brings in the comedy together with his sons Bart (Vandolph Quizon) and Panyong (Epi Quizon), his daughter-in-law Jenny, and Baby VJ, his granddaughter.

The shop is where Mang Pidol’s animated storytelling sessions are usually attended by a motley group of common folks in the neighborhood — the barbers Samson (Brod Pete) and Adonis (Long Mejia), the bakery owner Brigit (Joy Viado) and her assistant, Lyla (Arianna Barouk).[3]

Pilot episode[edit]


Mang Pidol, an antique shop owner, tells his family the story of twin brothers—one extremely dark and homely named Calderon, the other fair and attractive named Iñigo—whose Caucasian father William abandoned them and their mother Blanca due to doubtful parentage, leaving the family in dire financial straits. When the ruler of their realm, King Claudio, invites the male inhabitants of the kingdom to enter into contests of skill and strength for the hand of his daughter, the Princess Vanessa, the twins resolve to join. But even though he wins the contests hands-down, Calderon is forsaken because of his less-than-desirable looks. A mysterious stranger bequeaths to Calderon a magic lantern that transforms him into the dashing contender Calano, but questions about his identity put Calderon's possible victory and the love of the beautiful princess in jeopardy.[4]

Casts and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Episode/guest cast[edit]

TV specials[edit]

Date Title Director Cast and Characters Role Synopsis
April 1, 2012 - April 22, 2012 Moomoo Mia Eric Quizon Lorna Tolentino
Eric Quizon
Meg Imperial
Hideaki Torio
Iwa Moto
Wendell Ramos
Ruby Rodriguez
Francheska Salcedo
Long Mejia
Madame Luring
Gerry wants to inform his family about his death by the help of Madame Luring.
July 8, 2012 - August 5, 2012 Rod Santiago's Maria Carpa Eric Quizon Jasmine Curtis Smith
Alwyn Uytingco
Angelie Nicole Sanoy
Jay Aquitania
Joross Gamboa
John Regala
Cai Cortez
Tiya Pusit
Rommel Padilla
Giselle Toengi
Prinsesa Nerva / Maria Carpa
Mang Antero
Aling Lina
Haring Syokoy
Reyna Nerida
Maria Carpa is set to be the next Queen of the Ocean but is prevented by Haring Syokoy, which made her to escape to the land of the mortals. She meets Ninay and Manuel who will keep her from Haring Syokoy.

On July 15, 2012, the day of Dolphy's funeral, a TV special of Pidol's Wonderland remembering the King of Comedy was aired, hosted by Vic Sotto

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