Manulea pygmaeola

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Pigmy footman
Eilema pygmaeola.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Clade: Euarthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Superfamily: Noctuoidea
Family: Erebidae
Genus: Manulea
Species: M. pygmaeola
Binomial name
Manulea pygmaeola
(Doubleday, 1847)[1]
  • Lithosia pygmaeola Doubleday, 1847
  • Eilema pygmaeolum
  • Eilema pygmaeola
  • Lithosia pallifrons Zeller, 1847
  • Lithosia marcida Mann, 1859
  • Lithosia pallifrons saerdabensis Daniel, 1939
  • Lithosia pallifrons peluri Daniel, 1939
  • Lithosia pallifrons ab. grisea Fuchs, 1903
  • Eilema naneola Ragusa, 1889
  • Lithosia pygmaeola f. obscura Lempke, 1961
  • Lithosia pallifrons f. sericeola Kanerva, 1935

Manulea pygmaeola, the pigmy footman, is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found in the western half of the Palearctic ecozone, east to Altai.

The wingspan is 24–28 mm. There is one generation per year with adults on wing from June to August.

The larvae feed on various lichen species on rocks and wooden poles. Larvae are found from August to June. The species overwinters in the larval stage.


  • Manulea pygmaeola pygmaeola
  • Manulea pygmaeola banghaasi (Seitz, 1910) (Asia Minor, Transcaucasia)
  • Manulea pygmaeola pallifrons (Zeller, 1847) (north-western Africa, Europe, Crimea, Caucasus)
  • Manulea pygmaeola saerdabense (Daniel, 1939) (western Kopet Dagh, northern Iran, Mountains of eastern Central Asia)


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