Pilgramgasse (Vienna U-Bahn)

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Vienna subway (3948671356).jpg
Pilgramgasse U-Bahn station
Owned by Wiener Linien
Line(s) Wien U4.svg
Platforms 2 (side platforms)
Tracks 2
Opened 1980
Rebuilt 1996
Preceding station   Vienna U-Bahn   Following station
towards Hütteldorf
Line U4
towards Heiligenstadt

Pilgramgasse is a station on the Vienna U-Bahn line U4. It is located in Margareten between Ramperstorffergasse and the eponymous street, which is named after Franz Anton Pilgram (1699–1761), an Austrian Baroque architect. The station is in an open cut parallel to the River Wien and curves to match the curve of the river.


The station originally opened in 1899 as part of the Vienna Valley line (Wientallinie) of the Vienna Stadtbahn. With the rest of the Stadtbahn network, it was closed in 1918 and reopened in 1925 after electrification. It was served by the WD (Wiental) line until the 1970s. Conversion to a U-Bahn station began on 27 October 1980.

The station has two side platforms. At the Pilgramgasse end, it is accessed via the restored Otto Wagner building, which has stairs. There is access via lift at the Ramperstorffergasse end,[1] where a new building was constructed in 1996 during a programme of renovations by Wiener Linien to improve accessibility, because the Otto Wagner building is protected[2] and so could not have a lift built into it.[3] The lifts opened for service on 8 November 1996.[4]


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Coordinates: 48°11′33″N 16°21′16″E / 48.1926°N 16.3545°E / 48.1926; 16.3545