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For the inland colony on the coast, see Pistiros.

Pistyros was an ancient Greek polis on the coast of Thrace. It was founded as a colony of Thasos and itself may have founded Pistiros in inland Thrace.[1] Pistiros has been identified with the remains of a fortified settlement east of Pontolivado located near the Vasova salt lake. The fortifications are of the regular "Thasian" type. Among the finds are coins from Neapolis and Thasos, dated to 520 BC - 510 BC.


  1. ^ Mogens Herman Hansen, An Inventory of Archaic and Classical Poleis: An Investigation Conducted by The Copenhagen Polis Centre for the Danish National Research Foundation (2005), p. 895, "The emporion of Pistiros was an inland trading station originally founded by merchants coming from the polis of Pistiros a dependency of Thasos situated on the Thracian coast."

Coordinates: 40°57′14″N 24°37′20″E / 40.9539°N 24.6222°E / 40.9539; 24.6222