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The Pollen Baronetcy of Redenham, in the County of Southampton, is a title in the Baronetage of Great Britain.[1] It was created on 15 May 1795 for John Pollen. The family descended from Edward Pollen (died 1636), a London merchant originally from Lincolnshire.

His son, John Pollen I, grandson, John Pollen II (c. 1642 - by November 1719), and great-grandson, John Pollen III (c. 1702 - 1775), all represented Andover in the House of Commons. The latter was the father of the first Baronet. The second Baronet also sat as Member of Parliament for this constituency 1820–21 and 1835–41. As of 13 June 2007 the presumed 8th and present Baronet has not successfully proved his succession and is therefore not on the Official Roll of the Baronetage.[2]

Pollen baronets, of Redenham (1795)[edit]

  • Sir John Pollen, 1st Baronet (c. 1731–1814),
  • Sir John Walter Pollen, 2nd Baronet (1784–1863), succeeded by nephew. He was MP for Andover 1820–1821 and 1835–1841.
  • Sir Richard Hungerford Pollen, 3rd Baronet (1815–1881), whose younger brother John Hungerford Pollen was ancestor of the 7th Baronet, below.
  • Sir Richard Hungerford Pollen, 4th Baronet (1846–1918)
  • Sir Richard Pollen, 5th Baronet (1878–1930)
  • Sir John Lancelot Hungerford Pollen, 6th Baronet (1884–1959)
  • Sir John Michael Hungerford Pollen, 7th Baronet (1919–2003),[3] succeeded by only son
  • Richard John Hungerford Pollen, presumed 8th Baronet (born 1946)


  • John Hungerford Pollen (senior) (1820–1902), Catholic convert and father of ten children including eight sons
  • John Hungerford Pollen (Jesuit) (1858–1925), eldest son of above (his next brother's grandson became 7th Baronet).
  • Arthur Pollen (1866–1937) inventor, 6th son of the first John Hungerford Pollen
  • Clare Asquith (born 1951), scholar, great-granddaughter of above
  • Arabella Pollen (born 1961) knitwear designer, now novelist, granddaughter of Sir Walter Michael Hungerford Pollen, and great-granddaughter of Robert Henry Benson, art collector (died 1929).


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