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Pollett's Cove is a wilderness estuary on the northwest coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. It is accessible only by boat or on foot via an arduous 10 km hike along the coastline from Pleasant Bay, heading north (3.5 to 5 hours hiking), or an even longer, more difficult trek from Meat Cove, heading south (2 to 4 days).

The cove features a 1000-metre, sandy beach at the base of a spectacular valley formed by the confluence of Pollett's Cove Brook and another smaller stream. After joining about 1,000 metres above the beach, the streams flow down through a grassy meadow to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is a popular camping and hiking destination.

Pollett's Cove was inhabited until the 1940s, and had its own post office. During the war Pollett's Cove was connected by a telegraph wire to the rest of Nova Scotia, so that the residents would be able to warn people about German U-boats entering the Gulf of St.Lawrence. The cove is surrounded by the Cape Breton Highlands. The surrounding land is owned by the province, and has protected wilderness status. However, several hundred acres alongside the beach are privately held.

In August, 2007, the owners of the main parcel of private land put it up for sale, after failing to conclude negotiations for its purchase by the province. A citizen's group, Friends of Pollett's Cove, was created in September, 2007, with the goal of non-destructively preserving public access to the cove. A Facebook group has also been created with the intention of bridging the gap between the users of Facebook and the Friends of Pollett's Cove.

Pollett's Cove is now privately owned by a citizen of nearby Red River.[1]


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Coordinates: 46°55′05″N 60°41′20″W / 46.918°N 60.689°W / 46.918; -60.689,