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Coordinates: 51°31′13″N 0°8′7″W / 51.52028°N 0.13528°W / 51.52028; -0.13528

Pollock's Toy Museum is a small museum in London, England.[1]

Pollock's Toy Museum, Scala Street

It was started in 1956 in a single attic room at 44 Monmouth Street, near Covent Garden, above Benjamin Pollock's Toy Shop, where Pollock's Toy Theatres were also sold. As the enterprise flourished, other rooms were taken over for the museum and the ground floor became a toyshop. By 1969 the collection had outgrown the Monmouth Street premises and Pollock's Toy Museum moved to 1 Scala Street, with a museum shop on the ground floor to contribute to its support. The museum continues today to be run by the grandson of the founder Marguerite Fawdry.[2]

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