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Pollyanna Northstar album cover.jpg
Studio album by Northstar
Released April 20, 2004
Genre Emo, Indie rock
Length 42:54
Label Triple Crown Records
Producer Matt Squire
Northstar chronology
Is This Thing Loaded?
(2002)Is This Thing Loaded?2002
Broken Parachute
(2008)Broken Parachute 2008
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Punknews.org 3/5 stars [1]
Punktastic.com 4.5/5 stars [2]

Pollyanna is the second studio album by American band Northstar. They released the album in 2004, after two years of touring with bands such as Taking Back Sunday and The Beautiful Mistake,[3] using material from their first studio album, Is This Thing Loaded?, also released through Triple Crown Records. Although commercially not very successful, like much of Northstar's work, it has been passionately praised and defended against critics by Northstar's fans, even after 12 years since their break up. [4]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Nick Torres; all music composed by Northstar.

No. Title Length
1. "For Members Only" 3:46
2. "Pollyanna" 4:08
3. "American Living" 4:00
4. "The Pornographer's Daughter" 4:57
5. "Like A.M. Radio" 3:57
6. "The Accident Underwater" 4:25
7. "Two Zero Two" 3:13
8. "To My Better Angel" 3:41
9. "Between Horns and Halos" 3:19
10. "Digital Me" 2:46
11. "Rocket City" 4:42
Total length: 42:54
Bonus Disk
No. Title Length
1. "Burning Bridges" (As Tall As Lions) 3:21
2. "Never Surrender" (Spindle) 3:01
3. "Judas" (Safety in Numbers) 3:27
4. "Only the Good Looking Need Apply" (Orange Island) 3:45
5. "And So Ends the Drought" (Outsmarting Simon) 3:19
6. "Concrete (Broadway)" (Lux Courageous) 3:25
7. "People Are So Fickle" (Kevin Devine) 3:12
Total length: 23:30


The first two tracks of Pollyanna, "For Members Only" and "Pollyanna", have music videos that can be seen on Northstar's DVD release, The Uncomfortable Camera.




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