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Polskie Radio Program IV (PR4)
City of license Warsaw
Broadcast area Poland
Branding Czwórka (Four)
First air date 2 January 1976
Language(s) Polish
Audience share 0.4% (2011, Radio Track[1])
Owner Polskie Radio
Sister stations Jedynka
Webcast Live Stream
Website PR4
Radio na Wizji
Launched 18 January 2011 (officially)
Owned by Polskie Radio
Picture format 16:9[2]
Country Poland
Language Polish
UPC Poland Channel 787
Toya Channel 750

Polskie Radio Program IV, known also as PR4 or radiowa Czwórka is a radio channel broadcast by the Polish public broadcaster, Polskie Radio.

The Program was started on 2 January 1976 as Polskie Radio Program IV. On 8 October 1994 the station was renamed to Radio Bis. At the beginning, it was a channel for young people, dedicated to sport and science. On 26 May 2008 the station changed its name into Radio Euro, and focused on musical entertainment and sport. On 2 August 2010 the station returned to its original name - Polskie Radio Program IV.[3]

On 18 January 2011, at 11:00 p.m., Polskie Radio Program IV officially started the project Radio na Wizji.[4] It is a television channel, broadcasting as live video feed of the PR4. It's similar project to Italian RTL 102,5 Very Normal People, but the product of Polskie Radio is more advanced.[4]


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