Barred bichir

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Barred bichir
Ornate bichir, Boston Aquarium.JPG
Barred bichir at the New England Aquarium
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Subclass: Chondrostei
Order: Polypteriformes
Family: Polypteridae
Genus: Polypterus
Species: P. delhezi
Binomial name
Polypterus delhezi
Boulenger, 1899[1]
  • Polypterus ansorgei delhezi (sic) (Boulenger 1899)

The barred bichir, armoured bichir, or banded bichir (Polypterus delhezi) is an elongated fish found in the Congo River, specifically in the upper and middle portions. This species is one of the more commonly available in commercial pet stores.


P. delhezi has a greyish back and sides, with specks of yellow or green coloration. The ventral surface tends to be lighter, closer to cream than grey. Its mouth is small compared to its body and to other fish in its family, and is distinguishable from other species by the seven or eight dark vertical bands, which can vary in thickness between individuals. It has 10 to 13 dorsal finlets.[1]


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