Pont d'Aquitaine

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Pont d'Aquitaine
Pont aquitaine.jpg
Pont d'Aquitaine
Coordinates 44°52′47″N 0°32′13″W / 44.879722°N 0.536944°W / 44.879722; -0.536944Coordinates: 44°52′47″N 0°32′13″W / 44.879722°N 0.536944°W / 44.879722; -0.536944
Crosses Garonne
Locale Bordeaux
Design Suspension bridge
Material Steel
Total length 1,776 m (5,827 ft)
Width 30.9 m (101 ft)
Height 58 m (190 ft)
Construction start 1960
Construction end 1967
Pont d'Aquitaine is located in Bordeaux
Pont d'Aquitaine
Pont d'Aquitaine
Location in Bordeaux

The Pont d'Aquitaine is a large suspension bridge over the Garonne, north-west of the city of Bordeaux, in France. It forms part of the ring-road of Bordeaux and carries the A630 autoroute. It was completed in 1967 and its main span is 394 m (1,293 ft) long.

The eastern and western aspects of the bridge are dramatically different. To the east there is a ridge of land which allows the roadway to enter the bridge with little or no slope. By contrast, to the west there is an area of flat land, forming part of the Medoc, which means the roadway across the bridge slopes dramatically upwards in order to gain sufficient height to enter the bridge.

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