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Pop Group
Headquarters Shun Feng International Centre 182 Queen's Road East Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Key people
Franck Picard (CEO)
Website www.popgroupglobal.com

Pop Group is Hong Kong-based multinational corporation that provides end-to-end POP solutions.[1] It coordinates the manufacture and implementation of POS/POP solutions for its local, regional and global client base.[2] Pop Group is providing services on End-to-end POS Management, POP development, Marketing and Advertising.[3] Now, the company becomes one of the world’s largest POP design and end-to-end POS management providers.[4] Pop Group is headquartered in Shun Feng International Centre 182 Queen's Road East Hong Kong, Hong Kong.[5]


The company provides services in almost 97 countries around the world. In 2016, Pop Group has 240 warehouse locations, more than 300 service locations and 190 production facilities.[6]


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