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Studio album by Wolfsheim
Released 1993
Genre Darkwave
Length 39:51
Label Strange Ways Records
Producer Carlos Perón
Wolfsheim chronology
No Happy View
(1992)No Happy View1992

Popkiller is the second studio album by the German electronic band Wolfsheim. It was released in 1993 on Strange Ways Records. The album spawned one single, "Now I Fall". Like all of their albums, Popkiller is bilingual, with one track ("Auf ein Wort") in German, one instrumental ("No Happy View"), and the rest in English.

The album notes are disorganised and confused, with lyrics upside down and sideways and not in order.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "For You I'm Bleeding"
  2. "Tender Days"
  3. "Lovesong"
  4. "Kaufrausch"
  5. "Entropy"
  6. "No Happy View"
  7. "Now I Fall"
  8. "(The Obvious Fact That) Scars Remain (And How to Cope with It)"
  9. "Childhood Cruel"
  10. "Gates"
  11. "Auf ein Wort..."
  12. "Faith"

External links[edit]

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