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Español: Carmelitas de la comunidad de Nogoyá, Argentina

Saint Teresa Jornet Ibars (1843 – 26 August 1897) – in religious Teresa of Jesus – was a Catalan Roman Catholic professed religious and the founder of the Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly. Ibars was the great-niece of Blessed Francisco Palau and a friend and confidante of the Venerable Saturnino López Novoa. Her dedication to the old and ill was noted and for the work of her sisters in Spain and later abroad.

In her childhood she demonstrated a strong concern for the plight of the poor in her area and she often took them to the home of her maternal aunt Rosa so that proper aid could be provided to them. She later moved elsewhere in Lleida to live with another aunt of hers and began teaching soon after in Barcelona in small Argensola at age nineteen when she felt called to the monastic religious life. Ibars applied for admission into the Poor Clares near Burgos in 1868 but the anti-clerical laws at the time prevented her from embracing the religious life and so later became a member of the Secular Carmelites in 1870.

Cholera broke out in 1897 across the nation and she tended to the victims before the exhausted Ibars retired to the order's house at Liria where she remained for the next few months. Ibars died due to tuberculosis on 26 August 1897 in Liria. Her beatification was celebrated under Pope Pius XII on 27 April 1958 in Saint Peter's Basilica while Pope Paul VI later canonized her as a saint in 1974.
Attributes: Religious habit
Patronage: Little Sisters of the Abandoned Elderly; People rejected by religious orders; Elderly people