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  1. Usually the person who has answered Q25 correctly, takes the lead in archiving the page.
  2. All 25 questions should be answered.
  3. Make sure no points are disputed
  4. Update the leaderboard, and remove any empty rows
  5. Create a new link on the bottom of this list: Portal:India/Quiz/Previous Rounds. Make sure you add the correct archive number, and mention who won the quiz.
    You will get a redlink with the archive number (eg Portal:India/Quiz/Archive200)
  6. Also add the round archive link to the {{Portal:India/Quiz/Index}} template.
  7. Click the red link to open the new archive page.
  8. Copy and paste all content from the ==Leaderboard== section up to the end of the page (Q25). Do not save as yet.
  9. In the archive page, add the template {{archive}} at the top, and template {{Archive bottom}} at the bottom of the page. This ensures the sections are not editable and provides a visual warning.
  10. At the bottom of the page, below the archive template notice, make sure you add the category [[Category: India quiz|Archive0xx]]
  11. Award the PINQ Quizmaster medal to the winner(s) of the round by adding {{India Quizmaster}} to their talk-page.
  12. On the main PINQ page, clear all questions, and reset the leaderboard.