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Portul Constanța
Full nameClub Sportiv Portul Constanța
Nickname(s)Pirații (The Pirates)
Short namePortul
Founded1930; 94 years ago (1930)
as SPM Constanța
1949; 75 years ago (1949)
as SPT Constanța
OwnerPort of Constanța
ChairmanEusebiu Gheorghe
ManagerDoru Lupu
LeagueLiga IV
2022–23Liga IV, Constanța, 6th of 18

Club Sportiv Portul Constanța, commonly known as Portul Constanța, or simply as Portul, is a Romanian football club based in Constanța, Constanța County and currently playing in the Liga IV – Constanța County, the fourth tier of the Romanian football league system.


Portul Constanța was established in 1930 under the name of SPM Constanța (Serviciul Porturi Maritime - Service Ports Maritime)[1] then, in the first post-war years (1945–1949), it was called PCA Constanța (Porturi Comunicații Ape - Ports Communications Water).

In the 1946–47 season, PCA won the Series IV of Divizia C, promoting for the first time in its history to Second Division.

In 1949, PCA merged with another local club, Dezrobirea, to form Locomotiva PCA, which promoted to the First Division in 1954 and which from 1958 was renamed as Farul Constanța. But the original club, eminently a harbour team, formed a new section of football called as SPT Constanța (Sindicatul Porturi și Transport - Syndicate Ports and Transport) between 1949 and 1953.[2]

Chronology of names[edit]

Name Period Notes
Serviciul Porturi Maritime (SPM Constanța) 1930–1945
Porturi Comunicaţii Ape (PCA Constanța) 1945–1949 Merged with Dezrobirea Constanța to form FC Farul Constanța.
Sindicatul Porturi şi Transport (SPT Constanța) 1949–1953 In 1949, a new section of football was formed, becoming the second team of Constanța.
Șantierul Constanța 1953–1956
Energia Metalul Constanța 1956–1957
Marina Constanța 1957–1959
Șantierul Naval Maritim (SNM Constanța) 1959–1961
Portul Constanța 1961–present


Liga III

Liga IV – Constanța County

  • Winners (1): 1998–99

Notable former players[edit]

The footballers mentioned below have played at least 1 season for Portul Constanța and also played in Liga I for another team.

Notable Managers[edit]


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