The Vicar of Vejlby (1931 film)

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Præsten i Vejlby
The vicarage
Directed by George Schnéevoigt
Produced by Eric A. Pettersson
Written by Steen Steensen Blicher (novel)
Fleming Lynge
Starring Henrik Malberg
Karin Nellemose
Music by Bent Froda
Cinematography Valdemar Christensen
Edited by Valdemar Christensen
C.H. Clemmensen
Distributed by Nordisk Tonefilm,
Release date
7 May 1931
Running time
Country Denmark
Language Danish language

Præsten i Vejlby (The Vicar of Vejlby) is a 1931 Danish film about a murder in a vicarage directed by George Schnéevoigt and based on a novel by Steen Steensen Blicher. Starring Henrik Malberg and Karin Nellemose it marked the debut of actor Aage Winther-Jørgensen. The film was a remake of the 1920 version by August Blom; and was remade again in 1972 by Claus Ørsted.

One year earlier, George Schnéevoigt had made the first Danish sound film of feature length, however the dialogue was spoken in Norwegian. Præsten i Vejlby was the first feature-length sound film with Danish dialogue. Although the public had seen short Danish "talkies" since 1923, and experienced foreign features with sound for two years, the Danish language film was unique enough to create a huge success and make the film very profitable.


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