Pretend You Don't See Her

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Pretend You Don't See Her
Author Mary Higgins Clark
Language English
Genre Suspense novel
Published 1997 (Simon & Schuster)
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 305 pp
Preceded by Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Followed by Moonlight Becomes You

Pretend You Don't See Her is a 1997 novel by Mary Higgins Clark.


Real estate agent Lacey Farrell witnesses the murder of a client, Isabelle Waring, in an expensive show home, and just before dying Isabelle tells Lacey that she thinks her killer, psychotic assassin "Curtis Caldwell", is after her late daughter's journal.The novel is based on how the cops find out who assigned Caldwell to kill Isabelle and her daughter with the help of Lacey Farrell.


  • Lacey Farrell, works for a real estate company, Parker & Parker, who witnesses a murder
  • Rick Parker, Lacey's boss
  • Isabelle Waring, wants Lacey to sell her daughters house because her daughter died (she was killed by Curtis Caldwell)
  • Heather Landi, Isabella's daughter who was killed in a car crash (never seen)
  • Kit Taylor, Lacey's sister
  • Mona Farrell, Kit and Lacey's mother
  • Alex Carbine, mother's friend
  • Jay Taylor, Kit's husband
  • Todd Taylor, 12 - Lacey's nephew
  • Andy Taylor, 10 - Lacey's nephew
  • Bonnie Taylor, 4 - Lacey's niece
  • Jimmy Landi, Isabelle's ex-husband and Heather's father who owns a restaurant
  • Steve Abbott, works for Jimmy and real culprit
  • Curtis Caldwell, real name Sandy Savarano who kills Isabelle,and hunts down Lacey with the intention of killing her.
  • Tom Lynch,The guy who loves Lacey and who knows her as Alice Carroll