First Love (2004 drama film)

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Primo Amore
First Love (2004 film).jpg
Directed by Matteo Garrone
Produced by Domenico Procacci
Written by Matteo Garrone
Massimo Gaudioso
Starring Vitaliano Trevisan
Michela Cescon
Music by Banda Osiris
Cinematography Marco Onorato
Edited by Marco Spoletini
Release dates
February 13, 2004
Running time
100 min.
Country Italy
Language Italian

First Love (Primo Amore in Italian) is a 2004 film directed by Matteo Garrone and Massimo Gaudioso, based on a novel by Marco Mariolini. The film deals with anorexia nervosa.


Vittorio (Vitaliano Trevisan) is a goldsmith looking for a very thin woman to make golden figurines of. He meets a model, Sonia (Michela Cescon), whom he finds too fat. Somehow he manages to convince her to lose weight to an unhealthy degree...


The score won Banda Osiris the 2004 Silver Berlin Bear for Best Film Music. The band won at other festivals, too. At the Flaiano Film Festival, Michela Cescon won for Best Actress and Marco Onorato won for Best Cinematography.


The film "has been described as “a horror movie about desire,” which seems fitting."[1] Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times finds this film "an elegantly told tale of obsession that, in failing to take on any larger meaning, rapidly becomes depressing to watch."[2] Thomas and others are confused as to "why she [Sonia] strives so mightily to please someone so obviously insane."


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