Lords, Barons and Princes of Biscari

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The title, Prince of Biscari, was created by the grant of a Letters Patent from King Philip IV of Spain on 21 June 1633, which was bestowed upon the Baron of Biscari, Agatino Paternó Castello.[1]

He is known chiefly for having raised the fief of Biscari out of the marshy valleys subject to deadly malaria[2] and for marrying the daughter of the Baron Vincenzo Paternó Castello.[1]

Agatino did not succeed to the title of baron or prince. He married the heiress of Vincenzo Paternó Castello, named Maria la Restia, and accordingly for their culture and times, assumed the rank and style of the first Prince of Biscari.[1]

Their great-grandson, named Vincenzo, would become known for having restored the town, and especially the castle, after severe earthquake damage in 1693.[2][3]

In 1938, the town of Biscari changed its name to Acate.[2]

Coat of arms and heraldry[edit]

The coat of arms of the princes of Biscari depicted their two-towered castle supported by two dragons.[4]

Lords of Biscari[edit]

  • Matteo Mazzone - 1408 (creation)
  • Bernardo Caprera - 1410
  • Antonio del Castello - 1416
  • Corrado - 1453
  • Gutierrez - 1465
  • Guglielmo - 1479
  • Giovanello (grandson of) - 1528
  • Vincenzo - 1555
  • Ferdinando - 1566
  • Orazio Paternó Castello (son of Giovanello and Francesca del Castello) - 1578

Barons of Biscari[edit]

Princes of Biscari[edit]

Years are indicating the time of investiture.

The descendents of this dynasty hold many other titles, most prominently among them Duke of Carcaci.