Princeton Club, Kolkata

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Princeton Club
Founder Merlin Group of companies
Headquarters Rabindra Sarobar, Kolkata, India
Products Sports, bar, live music
Services Snacks, drinks, lunch, dinner
Owner Merlin Group of companies
Parent Merlin Recreation Private Limited

Princeton Club (Bengali: প্রিন্সটন ক্লাব), is a club promoted by Merlin Recreation Pvt. Ltd. a Merlin Group company, located on at, 26, Prince Anwar Shah Road, near Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station.[1]


One of the leading architects of Kolkata Dulal Mukherjee & Associates have designed the building complex. The club layout plans have been carried out by Edifice, a leading architect firm of Mumbai and the interior designing and decoration has been planned by architect Kamal Periwal and architect Amrita Mukherjee of Maheshwari & Associates.


The club is mainly popular for organizing Corporate workshops, Business conferences, Training sessions, Annual General Meetings, Press conferences, Dealers' meets, Product launches, Exhibitions. The club has a bar, swimming pool, conference room, gym etc.[2]


One needs to apply for the membership by filling up a form. Deposit Rs. 20,000/- and the person will be called for interview within 7 days. The membership fee is 1,90,000. Members don't have voting right. Memberships are transferable. Rupees[3] The club offers different types of memberships-

  • Family membership
  • Individual membership
  • Corporate membership
  • Temporary membership
  • Sports membership
  • Honorary membership

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