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The Chair of Ecclesiastical History of the University of Glasgow is the oldest chair of ecclesiastical history in the United Kingdom.

It was founded in 1716 by King George I of Great Britain. The Crown granted 100 pounds per year for this purpose. This was, thus, a Regius Chair until 1935, when constitutional arrangements in the Church of Scotland resulted in patronage being transferred to the University Court acting on a Board of Nomination consisting of representatives of the University Court and the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

List of Professors[edit]

  • William Anderson MA (1721)
  • William Rouet MA (1752)
  • William Wight MA DD (1778)
  • Hugh Macleod MA DD (1809)
  • James Seaton Reid MA DD (1841)
  • Thomas Thomson Jackson MA DD (1851)
  • William Lee MA DD (1874)
  • Robert Herbert Story MA DD LLD (1886)
  • James Cooper MA DD LittD DCL [1898]
  • Archibald Main MA DD DLitt LLD (1922-1942)
  • William Dickie Niven MA LLD DD (1946)
  • John Foster MA DD (1949)
  • William Hugh Clifford Frend TD MA DPhil DD FRSE FBA (1969-1984)
  • W. Ian P. Hazlett BA BD Dr.theol D.Litt DD (2002-2010)

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