St. Martin's Church, Bolsward

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St. Martin's Church
Grote kerk
20140503 Martinikerk Bolsward Fr NL.jpg
The Martinikerk in 2014
DedicationSaint Martin
Pastor(s)Rev. J Ariesen

St. Martin's Church (also Grote kerk or Martinikerk;[1] West Frisian: Martinitsjerke) is a Protestant church in Bolsward, Netherlands, and one of the medieval churches in Friesland. The current church was expanded between 1446 and 1461.[1] The tower of the church was built in the 15th century and the gabled roof was added in the 17th century.[1] It became a Protestant church during the Reformation.

The church is located at the Groot Kerkhof 24 in the centre of Bolsward.[2]

It was listed as a Rijksmonument in 1968.[3] It remains in active use, with a weekly Sunday service.[4]


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Coordinates: 53°03′52″N 5°31′35″E / 53.06444°N 5.52639°E / 53.06444; 5.52639