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Summer 2010 cover
Summer 2010 cover
Categories Science magazine
Frequency print: 3x/year
Year founded 2005
Company Massachusetts General Hospital
Country United States
Based in Boston, Massachusetts
Language English

Proto is a national science magazine and website produced by Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with Time Inc. The magazine was launched in 2005 and covers news in the field of biomedicine and health care, focusing on basic and clinical research, policy and technology. Recently featured topics include synesthesia, chronic pain policy and aging physicians. The magazine also includes interviews with major figures in the medical world and personal essays about patients’ experiences with health care. Articles from the magazine have been reprinted and cited in a number of well-known venues, including The Washington Post. Proto targets physicians, researchers, policymakers, health care leaders and others with an interest in science and health care.


  1. Reprint of "The Social Robot" in The Washington Post
  2. Reprint of "Yes. No. Maybe" in The Washington Post
  3. Reprint of "The Rare Few" in The Washington Post
  4. Discussion of "The Future of Obesity" on Rush Limbaugh's radio show
  5. Proto the winner of Eddie for Best Full Issue, Single Article, Custom Magazine
  6. Tim Gower's Proto story on repurposing drugs, "Born Again," wins ASJA best business/technology article
  7. Proto named "Best New Publication/Magazine" in Pearl Awards, 2006
  8. Proto on ReachMD

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