Temnothorax americanus

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Temnothorax americanus
Protomognathus americanus casent0003235 profile 1.jpg
Temnothorax americanus worker
Scientific classification
T. americanus
Binomial name
Temnothorax americanus
(Emery, 1895)

Temnothorax americanus is a species of slave-maker ant in the genus Temnothorax. The ants are 2–3 mm in size, and endemic to the northeastern United States and adjacent Canadian regions.[1] They do not forage for food, but instead 'scout workers' from the colony seek out nearby host colonies of ants, steal larvae and bring them back to their own colony. A small T. americanus colony could consist of a queen, two to five workers and thirty to sixty slaves.[2]

In a study published in Animal Behaviour, researchers showed that T. americanus scouts target stronger colonies over weaker ones to steal larvae from.[2][3]

It was formerly placed as the sole member of the genus Protomognathus.[4]


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