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Oecophoridae - Pseudatemelia flavifrontella.JPG
Pseudatemelia flavifrontella
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Lepidoptera
Division: Ditrysia
Family: Oecophoridae (disputed)
Subfamily: Amphisbatinae (but see text)
Genus: Pseudatemelia
Rebel, 1910
Type species
Pseudatemelia aeneella
Rebel, 1910

Numerous, see text

  • Pseudotamella (lapsus)
  • Pseudotemelia (lapsus)
  • Tubulifera Spuler, 1910 (non Zopf, 1885: Tubulifera (slime mold) preoccupied)
  • Tubuliferola Strand, 1917

Pseudatemelia is a genus of gelechioid moths.[1][2]


In the systematic layout used here, it is placed in the subfamily Amphisbatinae of the concealer moth family (Oecophoridae). Delimitation of Amphisbatinae versus the closely related Depressariinae and Oecophorinae is a major problem of Gelechioidea taxonomy and systematics, and some authors separate the former two as full-blown families (Amphisbatidae and Depressariidae), and/or include the Amphisbatinae in Depressariinae (or Depressariidae), or merge them in the Oecophorinae outright.[3]

Recent research has shown that this genus is one of those close to Lypusa, the type of the supposed Tineoidea family Lypusidae.[4]


These moths are present in most of Europe, in the Eastern Palearctic ecozone, in the Near East and in North Africa.[5]


Two subgenera are recognized. Species of Pseudatemelia include:[6][7]


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