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Kukup Island (Malay: Pulau Kukup) is a mangrove island located at about 1 km offshore from the 150-year-old fishing village of Kukup in Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia. The area of the island is 6.472 square kilometres and is surrounded by 8 square kilometres of mudflats.

Kukup Island status as a remote hinterland changed in the 1990s when scientists began focusing on the island's biodiversity a unique ecological characteristics. In the interest of preserving this unique habitat, Kukup Island was gazetted a national park on 27 March 1997. In January 2013, this island was granted the status of a "Wetland of International Importance", or RAMSAR Site, by the Geneva-based Ramsar Convention Bureau.[1]

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Coordinates: 1°19′N 103°27′E / 1.317°N 103.450°E / 1.317; 103.450