Punta Carnero, Ecuador

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The beach in Punta Carnero Ecuador

Punta Carnero is an island located in the Salinas County, in the Santa Elena Province of Ecuador. Its name, "Ram Point" in English, stems from the rocky headland located at the southeast end of the beach.

Surfing Punta Carnero Ecuador[edit]

The quality of the surf from the rocks to the dock Ecuasal is the reason why many surfers turn to this beach for the sport. Punta Carnero Beach is surrounded by thick coastal vegetation. Surfing in Ecuador is popular at Punta Carnero Beach has been chosen many times to be the venue of not just national surf competitions, but also at an international level. This beach is located only 10 minutes to the south of Salinas, Ecuador, and was the site of the ISA World Junior Surfing Games Ecuador in 2009. Bodyboarding is a surface water sport and is very popular at surfing beaches around the world.

Punta Carnero Beach[edit]

The beach extends for approximately 1.6 miles (2.57 kilometers) and is relatively wide, with white to gray sand, medium waves and a prevalent inland breeze.

Many who travel to Punta Carnero also take a visit to other famous beaches are found just off the coast of Ecuador by 972 km is known the world over, the Galápagos Islands an area of volcanic islands distributed around the equator in the Pacific Ocean.

Surfing the Punta Carnero Beach in Ecuador

Other activities[edit]

Whale watching and sighting of Humpback whale during their mating season is from June to October. There are many boats for hire that specializes in exclusive tour with expert guides. Parasailing & Birdwatching are also popular in Punta Carnero, Ecuador.

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