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For Pure Digital Technologies, a former American company acquired by Cisco Systems, see Flip Video.
Industry Making The Best Highest Quality Internet Radio Including DAB
Headquarters Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Area served
United Kingdom.
Key people
Jason Bannister
(Managing Director)
Website www.pure.com/digital-radio

Pure is a British consumer electronics company, based in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, founded in 2002.[1] Pure is a division of another Hertfordshire-based company, Imagination Technologies, which primarily designs Central processing units and Graphics processing units. Imagination did not originally set out to sell consumer electronics and the first Pure radio was merely a demonstration platform for its DAB decoding chip. The success of the first sub-£100 DAB receiver, the Evoke-1, led to the development of further products[2]

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Pure designs and manufactures[citation needed] Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) receivers, iPod/iPhone docks and other consumer audio equipment. Pure products are available in the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, the United States,[3] and via online suppliers.


ONE series

The ONE series represents Pure's entry-level radios; they include the ONE Classic, ONE Mini and ONE Elite. The smallest of the three, the ONE Mini was reissued in 2010 as the ONE Mini Series II. In this model an audio input for an MP3 device was added and the product was given a rubberised skin.

EVOKE series

Pure's medium-to-high-end models. The models currently manufactured are the EVOKE Mio, EVOKE-1S, EVOKE-2S, and EVOKE-3. The EVOKE-1, EVOKE-1XT, EVOKE-1XT Marshall Edition, EVOKE-2 and EVOKE-2XT are former models in the EVOKE range.

Flow series

In addition to playing DAB and FM, PURE Flow products can also play internet radio, podcasts and play music stored on a Wi-Fi-enabled computer using the supplied PURE Flow Server UPNP media serving software.

The models in this series are AVANTI Flow, EVOKE Flow, Oasis Flow, Siesta Flow, Sensia, Scirocco 550. The Sensia was the first commercially available radio to incorporate RadioDNS and RadioVIS, bringing visuals to broadcast radio.

Chronos series

The alarm clock radios in this series are the Chronos CD Series II, Chronos iDock Series II, Chronos II.

Bed side

Twilight combines an energy efficient lamp featuring flexible lighting options with a digital and FM radio alarm clock to deliver the ultimate bedside experience.

Pure Move 2500

Other models are the portable models Elan II, Highway, Move 2500, PocketDAB 1500, the alarm clock radios Siesta, Siesta iDock, and Tempus-1S.

The Lounge[edit]

While many internet radios use third party web portals like Reciva or Frontier Silicon's online portal. Pure's internet radios use a manufacturer managed web portal called 'Pure Connect'. This enables people to listen to a wide variety of international content, and manage their favourite internet radio streams, reflecting directly onto any registered radios. Pure Connect (as of February 2011) features over 17 thousand live stations, as well as a variety of on demand content in the form of Podcasts and BBC Listen Again content. The Lounge was given a new look in early 2011, introducing new search systems and a contemporary new look. The 'PURE Lounge' App was also launched towards the end of 2010 to provide access to the Lounge portal on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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