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Pwll y wrach or Pwll-y-wrach (Welsh for "pool of the witch") is a feature on the River Ennig near Talgarth in south Powys, Wales. The river plunges in two separate streams over a lip of hard rock (the Bishops Frome Limestone, formerly known as the Psammosteus Limestone) into a pool scoured in the softer mudstones of the underlying Raglan Mudstone formation.

The feature occurs within Cwm Pwll-y-wrach, a deep wooded valley that is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a nature reserve managed by the Brecknock Wildlife Trust.[1] The trust has established trails within the wood to enable public access.

It is suggested that the name derives from the ancient practice of ducking witches in the plunge pool.[2]


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Coordinates: 51°59′11″N 3°13′03″W / 51.9865°N 3.2176°W / 51.9865; -3.2176