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For The ISO currency code for the currency of Paraguay (PYG), see Paraguayan guaraní. For the Batman character, see Professor Pyg.
Origin Japan
Genres Rock
Years active 1971
Associated acts The Tempters
The Tigers
The Spiders
Vodka Collins
Members Katsuo Ohno
Takayuki Inouye
Hiroshi Oguchi
Kenichi Hagiwara
Ittoku "Sally" Kishibe
Kenji Sawada
Yuji Harada

PYG (Pyg) was a super-group from Japan, made up of members of the most famous bands of the Group Sounds era: The Tempters, The Spiders and The Tigers. The band was named by Tokyo resident foreign recording artist Alan Merrill, who shared the same management at the time, Watanabe Productions.

Formed in 1971, the unit was fronted by the two biggest stars of the era: lead singers Kenji Sawada of The Tigers and Kenichi Hagiwara of The Tempters. The musical director of the band was guitarist Takayuki Inouye of The Spiders. The remaining members were Katsuo Ohno on keyboards, Hiroshi Oguchi on drums, and Ittoku "Sally" Kishibe on bass. Session man Yuji Harada, a non "Group Sounds" star, was also added to the line-up as a second drummer. The band were a seven piece ensemble on stage.

The band released two albums: Original First Album (1971) and Free With Pyg (1972 live 2 album set); as well as 5 singles.