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Industry Computer software
Founded Carpinteria, California (1979)
Headquarters 100 Innovation Place
Santa Barbara, California 93108
Key people
Pamela Lopker (Chairman of the Board and President)
Karl F. Lopker (CEO)
Products ERP, QAD Enterprise Applications, QAD Cloud ERP
Number of employees
1,540 (January, 2014)

QAD is a software company that provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to manufacturing companies around the world.[1]

Company Overview[edit]

The company’s product suite is called QAD Enterprise Applications (known as MFG/PRO prior to 2007). QAD Cloud ERP is the software as a service (Saas) or cloud computing model of QAD’s product suite (Enterprise Applications).

QAD sells its products and services to companies in six main manufacturing industries: automotive, consumer products, high technology, food and beverage, industrial equipment and life sciences. As of December 2013, QAD software is in use at 5,300 manufacturing sites in more than 95 countries.

For the full year ended January 31, 2015, total revenue was $295.1 million.[2]


QAD was formed in 1979 by Pamela Lopker, who remains QAD President and Chairman today. QAD initially developed proprietary software applications for manufacturing companies in southern California. In 1984, QAD launched its flagship product MFG/PRO. MFG/PRO was built using the Progress Software Corporation's Fourth Generation Language (4GL) and relational database. MFG/PRO was one of the first software applications built for manufacturers following the APICS principles. MFG/PRO was also one of the first applications to support closed loop Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II), as well as operating in the newly emerging open systems arena. QAD software supports Lean Manufacturing principles and inter-operates with other systems via open standards. In 2003, a product called Supply Visualization was first hosted in multi-tenant configuration for QAD customers and those customers' suppliers making QAD an early player in providing SaaS software for manufacturing. Supplier Portal (previously called Supply Visualization and Supply Chain Portal) continues to allow customers and their authorized suppliers to share information about inventory, scheduling, purchase orders, shipments, Kanbans, and much more.

1984 - QAD launched its flagship software, MFG/PRO, now known as QAD Enterprise Applications.

1987 - QAD created the first business application that ran on UNIX.

1997 - QAD stock began trading as of its initial public offering (IPO) on August 6.

2006 - QAD launched its next generation user interface called .NET UI.

2006 - QAD acquired Precision Software, a company delivering transportation, global trade and supply chain management software to businesses around the world.

2006 - QAD acquired Bisgen Ltd., a UK-based company whose product is tailored to the unique sales force and marketing automation needs of manufacturers.

2006 - QAD acquired FBO Systems, Inc., a Georgia-based company and leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) products and professional services.

2007 - QAD renamed its core product suite from MFG/PRO to QAD Enterprise Applications. With the launch of QAD Enterprise Applications 2007, QAD pioneered hybrid deployment, with the ability to deploy the application either on-premises, on-appliance or on-demand (SaaS).

2008 - QAD launched a significant enhancement to its core suite with the release of the Enterprise Edition of QAD Enterprise Applications.

2008 - QAD acquired FullTilt Solutions’ product suite, including Perfect Product Suite, an enterprise PIM solution that addresses the growing need for product-centric Master Data Management (MDM) for Internet-enabled commerce.

2012 - QAD acquired CEBOS, a provider of enterprise wide quality management and management system standard software and services.

2012 - QAD acquired DynaSys, one of the European providers of collaborative Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. DynaSys provides business decision-making software, including forecasting, planning, optimizing and performance analysis.

QAD Enterprise Applications[edit]

QAD Enterprise Application is designed to streamline the management of manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology, and business performance.[3]

QAD Cloud ERP[edit]

QAD Cloud ERP (formerly known as QAD On Demand) is the Software as a Service (Saas) deployment option for QAD Enterprise Applications.

Under this model, QAD provides individual instances of QAD Enterprise Applications for each company. Users simply connect via the Internet or a private network. QAD provides all of the IT management for servers, database and applications; all customers do is use the application. New users and sites can be connected whenever and wherever required.

QAD’s Enterprise Applications architecture allows customers to choose to deploy their systems in a blended configuration. In the blended deployment, customers may elect to deploy to some of their sites using QAD Cloud ERP, integrated — or not — with their on-premises solutions. This unique capability is useful for companies making structural changes such as mergers or acquisitions, or who are strategically moving their IT systems to the cloud.

QAD Cloud ERP is delivered in three standard editions: General, Life Sciences, and Automotive.[4]


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