Lake Querococha

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Lake Querococha
Laguna Querococha.jpg
Querococha and mount Pucaraju (center-left). In the background the Yanamarey glacier is visible.
Location Ancash, Peru
Coordinates 9°42′58″S 77°19′27″W / 9.71611°S 77.32417°W / -9.71611; -77.32417Coordinates: 9°42′58″S 77°19′27″W / 9.71611°S 77.32417°W / -9.71611; -77.32417
Basin countries Peru
Max. length 2.43 km (1.51 mi)
Max. width 0.87 km (0.54 mi)
Surface elevation 3,980 m (13,060 ft)[1]

Lake Querococha[2][3][1] (possibly from Quechua qiru ceremonial drinking vessel, or q'iru wood and qucha lake;[4][5] "qiru lake" or "wood lake") is a lake in Peru located in the Ancash Region, Recuay Province, in the districts Ticapampa and Catac.[6] The lake is situated at a height of 3,980 metres (13,058 ft),[1] about 2.43 km long and 0.87 km at its widest point.[citation needed] Lake Querococha lies on the western side of the Cordillera Blanca, southwest of Yanamarey and Pucaraju, northwest of Mururaju and Queshque and east of Recuay.

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