Quadruple Alliance

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Quadruple Alliance may refer to:

  • The 1673 alliance between the Netherlands, the Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and the Electorate of Brandenburg, during the Franco-Dutch War;
  • The 1718 alliance between Austria, France, the Dutch Republic and Great Britain during the War of the Quadruple Alliance;
  • The 1745 agreement between Great Britain, Austria, the Dutch Republic and Saxony (the Quadruple Alliance) to uphold the Pragmatic Sanction, so enabling their favored candidate Maria Theresa to take the throne of the Austrian Empire.
  • The 1815 alliance between the United Kingdom, Austria, Prussia and Russia following the Napoleonic Wars;
  • The 1834 alliance between the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Portugal to enforce the Concession of Evoramonte;
  • The 1915 alliance formed when Bulgaria joined the other three Central Powers of World War I (Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire).
  • The Big Four Allied powers during World War 2: China, Britain, the United States and the USSR.

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