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The Quentaris Chronicles is a shared universe series of fantasy books initially published by Lothian Books, but now published by Ford Street Press. The books in the series are written by various Australian authors including Isobelle Carmody, Pamela Freeman and John Heffernan. Though they are written by different authors and usually star new characters, they are all set in the magical city of Quentaris. There are also several recurring characters that play minor roles e.g. Stanas the water magician. The series editors are Paul Collins and Michael Pryor.

List of books[edit]

No[1] Title Author Publication Year
1 Beneath Quentaris Michael Pryor 2003
2 Slaves of Quentaris Paul Collins 2003
3 The Perfect Princess Jenny Pausacker 2003
4 The Revognase Lucy Sussex 2003
5 Swords of Quentaris Paul Collins 2003
6 Quentaris in Flames Michael Pryor 2003
7 Dragonlords of Quentaris Paul Collins 2004
8 Stones of Quentaris Michael Pryor 2004
9 Angel Fever Isobelle Carmody 2004
10 The Ancient Hero Sean McMullen 2004
11 Treasure Hunters of Quentaris Margo Lanagan 2004
12 The Mind Master John Heffernan 2004
13 The Plague of Quentaris Gary Crew 2005
14 Rifts Through Quentaris Karen Brooks 2005
15 Princess of Shadows Paul Collins 2005
16 The Cat Dreamer Isobelle Carmody 2005
17 The Murderers' Apprentice Pamela Freeman 2005
18 Nightmare in Quentaris Michael Pryor 2005
19 Stolen Children of Quentaris Gary Crew 2006
20 Stars of Quentaris Michael Pryor 2006
21 The Forgotten Prince Paul Collins 2006
22 Pirates of Quentaris Sherryl Clark 2006
23 The Prisoner of Quentaris Anna Ciddor 2006
24 The Skyflower Justin D'Ath 2006
25 Vampires of Quentaris Paul Collins 2008
26 Battle for Quentaris Michael Pryor 2008
27 The Spell of Undoing Paul Collins 2008
28 The Equen Queen Alyssa Brugman 2008
29 The Gimlet Eye James Roy 2009

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