1st Artillery Regiment (France)

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1st Artillery Regiment
1er R.A.JPG
Insignia of the 1st Artillery Regiment
Country France
BranchFrench Army
Part of1st Division
Motto(s)Royal d'abord premier toujours
DecorationsCroix de guerre 1914-1918
with two palms

The 1st Artillery Regiment is a regiment of artillery in the French Army.

Colours of the Régiment de La Fère

It was raised as the Régiment de la Fère in 1765, from the 1st battalion of the Régiment Royal-Artillerie. In 1791, after the French Revolution, it had the title of its aristocratic patron removed and was given the number 1, as the seniormost French regiment of artillery. In 1785, Napoleon Bonaparte was commissioned into this regiment as a sous lieutenant. He officially served until 1790, but he spent most of that time on leave in Corsica, where he led a battalion of Republican volunteers.[1]

Organization 2018[edit]

  • Artillery Batteries
    • 1er Batterie - Mortar battery
    • 2e Batterie - Mortar battery
    • 3e Batterie - Mortar battery
  • Support Batteries
    • 6e Batterie - Radar support battery
    • 7e Batterie - Radar support battery
    • 5e Batterie - reserve support battery
    • Batterie de Maintenance - Maintenance battery
    • Batterie de commandement et de logistique - Command and logistical support battery


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